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NO.FIN/TA/GEN/5-40/05                                    Dated Kohima, the 28th October, 2005.




            Under the provisions of sub-sections (1) and (2) of Section 5 of the Right to Information Act, 2005 (Act. No. 22 of 2005), the Governor of Nagaland is pleased to appoint following Officers as Appellate Authority, State Public information Officers (SPIOs) and State Assistant Public Information Officers (SAPIOs) for the Finance Department and the Directorates under its administrative control viz. the Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts, Directorate of Lotteries and Commissioner of Taxes, of the Government of Nagaland with immediate effect:


            (A)     Finance Department

                 (1). Appellate Authority

                      Shri. H.K.Khulu, IAS, Finance Commissioner


                 (2). State Public Information Officer

                      Shri. Visielie Kezo, OSD (Revenue)


           (B). Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts

                      (1). Appellate Authority

                      Shri. M.K. Chophi, Additional Director.


                      (2). State Public Information Officer (SPIO) :

(1)     Shri. Akong Longkumer, Deputy Director— for Directorate

(2)     Shri. A.P. Bhattacharjee, Assistant Director— for Training Center Dimapur

(3)     Shri.  K. Tiayanger Tzudir, Sr. T.O. – for Kohima (North Treasury)

(4)     Shri. Vesatso Tetseo, Sr.T.O.—for  Kohima (South Treasury)

(5)     Shri. H. Kughaho, Sr. T.O. – for Zunheboto Treasury

(6)     Shri. L.N. Konyak, Sr. T.O. – for Mon Treasury

(7)     Smti. Allemla Aier, T.O.  – for Mokokchung Treasury

(8)     Shri. Khevito Chophi, T.O.  – for Dimapur Treasury

(9)     Shri. Y. Ben Lotha, T.O. – for Wokha Treasury

(10)   Shri. M. Vihoto, T.O. – for Tuensang Treasury

(11)   Shri. K. Talimoa Jamir, T.O. – for Phek Treasury

(12)   Shri. Hoshito, T.O. – for Peren Treasury

(13)   Shri. Vukhuhe Sema, T.O. – for Kiphire Treasury

(14)   Smt. Kusum Kumari, S.T.O. – for Longleng Treasury


                      (3) State Assistant Public Information Officer (SAPIO) :

(1)     Shri. Nthio Kithan, S.T.O – for Chazouba Sub-Treasury

(2)     Shri. Toshizemba, S.T.O – for Changtongya Sub-Treasury

(3)     Shri. Sentisuba, S.T.O – for  Mangkolemba Sub-Treasury

(4)     Shri. L.L. Mero, S.T.O – for Pfutsero Sub-Treasury

(5)     Shri. Wango Konyak, ST.O – for  Aboi Sub-Treasury

(6)     Shri. S. Wai Aier, S.T.O – for Tseminyu Sub-Treasury

(7)     Shri. Tsepon Lotha, S.T.O – for Baghty Sub-Treasury

(8)     Shri. Hokishe, S.T.O – for Akhuloto Sub-Treasury

(9)     Smti. Khevili, S.T.O – for  Aghunato Sub-Treasury


           (C). Directorate of Lotteries.

                      (1).  Appellate Authority

                      Shri.C.R.Lotha, Director.

           (2).  State Public Information Officer

                      Shri.Tohovi Sema, Asst. Director.


           (D). Commissioner of Taxes.

                 (1). Appellate Authority

                Shri. Paolal Hangsingh, Commissioner of Taxes.


                 (2). State Public Information Officers :

(1)     Shri. Imti Tzudir, Deputy Commissioner of Taxes — for Commissioner of
Taxes Dimapur.

(2)     Shri Chuba Ao, Assistant Commissioner of Taxes – for Kohima Zone.

(3)     Shri N. Angami, Assistant Commissioner of Taxes – for Dimapur and Peren

(4)     Shri Khotsemo Patton, Assistant Commissioner of Taxes – for Mokokchung

(5)     Shri P. Demo, Superintendent of Taxes – for Mon District.

(6)     Shri R. Lotha, Senior Inspector of Taxes – for Tuensang, Kiphire and
Longleng Districts.

(7)     Shri Alemtemjen Ao, Superintendent of Taxes – for Wokha District.

(8)     Shri Yihamo Yanthan, Superintendent of Taxes – for Zunheboto District.

(9)     Shri W. Thopi, Superintendent of Taxes – for Phek District.



(H.K. Khulu) IAS,

Finance Commissioner.


NO.FIN/TA/GEN/5-40/05                                   Dated Kohima, the 28th October, 2005.

Copy to:

1. The Commissioner and Secretary to the Governor, Nagaland, Raj Bhavan, Kohima.

2. The Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Nagaland, Kohima.

3. The PS to the Speaker/Deputy Speaker, Nagaland Legislative Assembly, Kohima.

4. PS to all Ministers, Nagaland, Kohima.

5. PS to all Parliamentary Secretaries to the Government of Nagaland.

6. Sr. PS to the Chief Secretary, Nagaland, Kohima.

7. All Additional Chief Secretaries/Principal Secretaries/Commissioner and Secretaries/ Secretaries/ Additional Secretaries, Nagaland, Kohima.

8. Secretary, Nagaland Legislative Assembly/N.P.S.C./Vigilance Commission.

9. All Heads of Departments.

10. All Officers concerned.

11. The Publisher, Nagaland Gazette, for publication in the Gazette.

12. Guard File.


(Menukhol John)

Officer-on-Special Duty (Finance).

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