No. BUD/1-3/2004-05/III                                                    Dated Kohima the 18th May, 2006


All Principal Secretaries / Commissioners & Secretaries /

Secretaries to the Government of Nagaland


Sir / Madam.





           I am directed to address you on the subject noted above and to request you to follow the following procedure in respect of CSS/CPS/NEC schemes likely to be implemented by your department during 2006-07.


1.        Provisions under CSS/CPS/NEC/NLCPR have been incorporated in the Demand for Grants 2006-07 as per the estimates furnished by the department concerned and are tentative. Actual implementation of the schemes and issuing of expenditure, however, will be regulated by actual release of assistance by the sponsoring authority concerned.

2.        Departments concerned may implement/execute the scheme/work on the basis of firm approval/sanction communicated by the sponsoring authority concerned, irrespective of the provisions incorporated in the Budget. Release of funds by the Finance Department will be regulated on the basis of assistance actually received and credited through RBI.

3.        In respect of any CSS/CPS etc scheme for which the sponsoring authority might have released the amount to the department concerned by cheque/demand draft, such cheque/demand draft should be first credited to Government account and thereafter proposal for release of fund should be submitted to Finance Department along with an original copy of the related Treasury Challan. No such cheque/demand draft should be encashed/utilized directly by the department concerned without the same being reflected in the Budget, through the Finance Department.

4. If any of the CSS/CPS/NEC etc. scheme involve maintenance of any posts, the salary/TE component should be carefully assessed and the DDO-wise sub-allotment of the salary/TE provisions communicated to the DDO/Treasury concerned under intimation to the Finance and the Planning Departments while proposing release of funds under such scheme in respect of non-salary/TE component of the assistance actually received and credited to Government account.

5.        Continuing CSS schemes like Family Welfare and ICDS have regular establishments for which salary/TE is drawn irrespective of actual receipt of assistance. The Departments concerned should carefully assess the requirement of salary/TE under these establishments (including likely increase on account of fresh doses of DA) and make DDO-wise sub-allotment of salary/TE in Enclosed Format. Treasuries will not allow any salary/TE in respect of CSS/CPS schemes unless the DDO-wise sub-allotments are received by them, which will also be separately communicated by the Finance Department on receipt from the Department concerned.

6.        Assistance received and credited to Government account will be first adjusted against the salary/TE requirement, as per DDO-wise sub-allotment communicated by the Department. Release of fund under these schemes will be allowed by the Finance Department only when the assistance received exceeds the requirement of fund for salary/TE under the related scheme.

7.        While proposing for issue of DA/DL for non-salary/TE component of CSS/CPS etc., the Department concerned should furnish the following :-

 (i)       That the related work/scheme has been actually completed/ implemented and that payments are due for immediate disbursement.

(ii)       Clearance of Planning Department has been obtained.

(iii) A write-up for publicizing the work/scheme has been enclosed.

(iv) Proposals should be supported with Completion Certificate/Progress Report countersigned by Head of Administrative Department. The proposal of the Head of Department, which must be placed on file while moving for DA/DL, must indicate the details of the total scheme/work supply and the exact level of completion. While endorsing the proposal to the Finance Department, the head of the Administrative Department concerned must specifically record on the ‘Note Sheet’ under his/her own signature that he/she is personally satisfied about the level of completion as well as to the immediate requirement of funds for disbursement. It may be noted that no proposal for issue of DA/DL will be entertained by the Finance Department unless the Head of the Administrative Department concerned makes specific endorsement on the above lines.

(v) Endorsement of files to Finance Department by any other Officer will be summarily rejected without any scrutiny unless it is clearly indicated that (a) The Head of Administrative Department is out of station and (b) that the matter is so urgent that it cannot be delayed till the return of the Head of Administrative department.

(vi) Each proposal for DA/DL should contain a DDO-wise /Treasury-wise break-up to facilitate issue of DA/DL and subsequent authentication by the Director of Treasuries & Accounts.

(vii) The usual procedure of obtaining proposals from subordinate authorities, exercise of necessary administrative scrutiny, issue of expenditure sanction etc shall be scrupulously followed irrespective of issue of these instructions or of issue of DA/DL by the Finance Department.

8.        All proposals for issue of DA/DL against CSS/CPS/NEC/NLCPR etc will be routed through the Planning Department who will accord their clearance only after all the conditions stated above are fulfilled by the department.

9.        Expenditure Branches of Finance Department will first endorse all proposals for issue of DA/DL under CSS/CPS/NEC/NLCPR etc to the Budget Branch and shall process issue of DA/DL only after the Budget Branch issue necessary order of placement of fund against each scheme, after confirmation of assistance received. Expenditure Branches should ensure that all the conditions stated in this circular are fulfilled before DA/DL is issued in each case.



Yours faithfully



( H.K. KHULU )



No. BUD/1-3/2004-05/III                                                   Dated Kohima, the 18th May, 2006

Copy for information and necessary action to :-

           1. The Development Commissioner (with 5 spare copies)

           2. All Heads of Departments.

           3. The Director of Treasuries & Accounts, Nagaland, Kohima

           4. All Deputy Commissioners /Addl. Deputy Commissioners

           5. All Treasuries /Sub- Treasuries Officers

           6. All Officers /Branches of Finance Department.


Copy also forwarded for information to :-

           1. The Chief Secretary, Nagaland, Kohima

           2. The Special Secretary to the Governor, Nagaland, Kohima

           3.  The Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Nagaland, Kohima

           4. The Principal Private Secretary to Speaker, Nagaland,                                  

5. Sr.P.S to all Ministers/ Ministers of State.




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