NO.FIN/ROP/REL-8/87 (Vol-I)                            Dated Kohima, the 25th January 2006.




           The Government of Nagaland vide notification of even number dated 13-8-2004 kept in abeyance the earlier practice of allowing the State Government pensioners/ family pensioners to draw the Dearness Relief at revised rates as and when sanctioned by the Central Government without any further authorization by the State Government/ Accountant General. This was done in view of the fact that the merger of 50 % Dearness Relief as Dearness Pension was not implemented by the State Government at that time which led to difference in the rates of Dearness Relief admissible to State Government pensioners with reference to the Central Government Pensioners. Now, since the State Government have already implemented the 50% merger vide Finance Department Office Memorandum No.FIN/ROP/4/84 (Vol-I) dt. 13th December 2005. w.e.f. 1-4-2004 (same as in case of the Central Government), the rates of Dearness Relief have now become equal to what are admissible to the Central Government Pensioners.

           In view of position stated above, the Government of Nagaland have now decided to withdraw the abeyance order issued vide the notification dated 13-8-2004 with immediately effect and allow the operation of the Finance Department earlier notification No.FIN/ROP/REL-8/87 (Vol-I) dated 27-3-2001 to continue.




Finance Commissioner


NO.FIN/ROP/REL-8/87 (Vol-I)                             Dated Kohima, the 25th January 2006.


Copy to:-

1) The Accountant General, Nagaland, Kohima.

2) The Commissioner & Secretary to Governor Raj Bhavan, Nagaland, Kohima.

3) The Chief Secretary to the Government of Nagaland, Kohima.

4) The Secretary, Nagaland Legislative Assembly, Nagaland, Kohima.

5) All Additional Chief Secretaries / Principal Secretaries / Commissioners & Secretaries / Secretaries / Addl. Secretaries to the Government of Nagaland.

6) All Heads of Departments under the Government of Nagaland.

7) The Director, Treasuries & Accounts, Nagaland, Kohima.

8) All  Treasuries & Sub-Treasuries in Nagaland.

9) All Branches of State Bank of India in Nagaland.

10) General Manager, Reserve Bank of India, Department of Government and Bank Accounts, Central Office Government Accounts / National Banks Section, C-7 Bandra (E) Mumbai-400051.



Officer-on-Special Duty (Finance)

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